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Love Dynamite: An Akutare Fanclub

We All Love a Good Scoundrel

Love Dynamite: An Axel Fanclub
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Hey there! Finally, a community dedicated to the wildest bad-boy scoundrel in Disgaea 2; Akutare! Or Axel, as his American fans may know him as. This community is open to anyone who loves Axel- hell, to anyone who loves Disgaea 2 (although counting Axel amongst your favorite characters would be nice ♥).

Rules to Observe:

1. Posting of entire scans of manga/doujinshi is allowed, but please note the artist(s) and, if at all possible, link to a site where it can be purchased. If it's not possible, don't sweat it. However, in the case of the official manga, you can post scans from it but if we get busted by Broccoli, it's over. >_>'

2. Foul language is allowed, but try to keep it SOMEWHAT clean. Every other word a curse is considered excessive.

3. Be respectful of your peers. If they prefer Axel/Adell over Adell/Rozalin, or vice versa, no bashing senselessly. Debates are encouraged, but once it gets ad hominem the argument ceases to have a point.

4. Please no spamming the community with pointless posts; try to have something to contribute, even if it's just a question about the game or a survey. Introductory posts are all right, but having something to show would be even better.

5. ABSOLUTELY NO ADVERTISEMENTS. If there is an advertisement, the post will be immediately deleted and the perpetrator banned from the community.

6. No fanart/fanfic thievery; if you found a picture/story and would like to share it with everyone and it is NOT YOURS -or official art- acquire the artist's/writer's permission or, if that is impossible, at least post a link to the site it was found at and make it clear that it does not belong to you.

7. Hentai/yaoi/yuri is allowed, but PLEASE post a warning and hide it behind an lj-cut, for those who are viewing at work/school.

Thanks for reading the rules, I hope you abide, and I hope everyone enjoys themselves! ♥