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Part two :D Title: In the Act of Introduction Author: Egg… - Love Dynamite: An Akutare Fanclub [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Mar. 17th, 2007|01:09 pm]
Love Dynamite: An Axel Fanclub
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Part two :D

Title: In the Act of Introduction
Author: Egg
Genre: Still general
Pairing(s): Still none
Summary: Part two of a series of drabbles. Part one can be found here. Axel isn't as two-dimensional as others seem to think he is.

Pretty much assume there are spoilers in each of these things.

They had fought an imposter Overlord Zenon and won. They had lived against Laharl and Etna. They had lived against the actual Zenon (although she was Rozalin now), so by now one would think that no battle would be beyond them.

Geo panels were such a pain in the ass.

There were about eight different colors, and about three different attributes per color. Adell, who was considered the expert on Geo panels, having studied them before in the interest of being a mage early on in life, couldn't figure out exactly how they were going to win this skirmish, the field littered with enemy boost-, warp-, no entry-, negative damage- and invincibility-panels. They would be lucky to leave alive, at this rate, because for some reason someone had given a horde of high-level zombies the exact know-how to navigate safely amongst the panels. They were in deep trouble.

Adell watched as his best warrior and friend, Rokku, fell beneath an onslaught of poisonous zombie vomit and snarled to himself, snapping off an order for the aclyote, Candi, to be immediately thrown close enough to his location to heal him. A flash of white caught his eye, and Adell stared as Axel crouched on a crumbling plateau, surveying the land with an uncharacteristically sharp eye. "Axel, what the hell are you doing?!" Adell shouted. Axel was one of his stronger brawlers, something that he needed on the battle field, not playing Dark Hero/White Tiger on the cliffs above him. He didn't have the time or resources for Axel's ego.

All of a sudden, however, Axel stood and took a running leap, landing on a clear space in the midst of a particularly nasty group of zombies.

"Axel!" Adell cried, half in fear and half in frustration. If he didn't die over there, Adell was going to kill him for his utter idiocy.

The troupe watched as Axel turned to his right and struck a yellow Geo Stone with a very accurate punch. The gem cracked and shattered, and immediately there was an explosion of color and light throughout the board. A myriad of panels exploded, one after another, pillars of light soaring into the sky only to disappear seconds later. A supernova of white light swelled in the center of the canyon before overwhelming the group; Adell squeezed his eyes shut, throwing his arms in front of his face to protect it from the bits of rock that flew towards him.

When at last he again could see, Adell felt his jaw drop.

The zombies were all dead. And Axel was standing in the mist of a completely clear battle field, looking extremely pleased with himself and shaking out his coat to rid it of dust.

Definitely not what he had been expecting.